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I am always happy to discuss cases with vets, so if you have a query please send me an email at

I am always happy to discuss cases with you, please send me an email if you have any queries.

3 Siamese cats sleeping
Ginger tabby cat in garden
Black and white cat with plants

In accordance with FABCAPBC and RCVS guidelines I only take cases following veterinary referral.  

If you would like to refer a case to me please complete the following Veterinary Referral form and email it to me at together with the full medical history of the cat (and any other cats in the household).  Please include any recent blood and relevant pathology reports.  I cannot see the cat until I have all of this information. 


I will contact the owner and ask them to complete a detailed history form and then I will organise a consultation directly with them.  The initial consultation usually takes around 2 hours; following this I will write the client a report and also send you a separate report (within a week of the consultation).  This will detail the findings from the consult as well as the treatment recommendations.  If I feel that behavioural medications are indicated I will usually contact you separately to discuss this, and ask you to prescribe them.  If further medical investigations are recommended I will also refer the client back to yourself for this.

Please note that the referring vet will retain overall responsibility for all aspects of the cat's care, which includes 24 hour access to emergency and out-of-hours care.  

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